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The Music of the Night

Recent Entries

1/27/08 08:31 am - evildeathchik

4 Phantom of the Opera Wallpapers


More here....

1/28/06 01:25 pm - canadianbeauty2 - some Phantom icons

i'm not very good at making icons but i just thought i'd share what i made.

[28]-Phantom of the Opera (movie)

09. 12. 22.

more here at my journal

9/28/05 08:26 pm - herald_comm - new icons

*waves* I'm new, well, I've been lurking for a while, but I haven't posted any icons yet. Hope you like 'em!

credit herald_mage
be a phan
21 alw movie icons
(if that's not the right categorization/identification, tell me so I can fix it)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

seasons past her primeCollapse )

9/22/05 06:11 pm - ms_conduct

It's been a looooong time since we tried a contest, so maybe this time we could get more entries. Would anyone be interested in trying an icon contest again?

Vote in this handy poll to tell me!

Poll #575618 Icon Challenge

Would you want to participate in a PotO icon challenge?


7/21/05 04:57 pm - turntheradio_up

tenth kingdom [3]

phantom of the opera [8]

emmy rossum [6]

bueaty and the beast [1]

angels in america [2]

amelie [2]

total [22]



7/9/05 12:54 pm - marysicons

harry potter [2]

emmy rossum [6]

phantom of the opera [4]

10th kingdom [2]

angels in america [3]

total [17]



6/25/05 07:06 pm - turntheradio_up


[3 emmy and patrick]
[10 phantom movie]
[9 emmy rossum]
[2 emmy and gerry]
[1 phantom show]
[25 total]

click here for more!

6/6/05 05:03 pm - turntheradio_up



//over at my iconjournal i have:

//27 emmy icons
//4 10th kingdom
//4 emmy and patrick
//1 emmy and gerry
//24 phantom of the opera
//5 graphics (1 emmy color bar, 1 alw phantom movie, 3 show phantom)

(F A K E   L I V E J O U R N A L   C U T)

please remember,
commenting is good
crediting is a must
hotlinking is forbidden.

(and really quick, a little shameless plug for my new emmy rossum icontest:

6/4/05 05:00 pm - turntheradio_up

--- join my new icontest!

6/3/05 06:37 pm - turntheradio_up - 2 emmy, 9 poto



a few more i forgot :)Collapse )
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